Dodgers Video: Vin Scully Remembers Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali died in Arizona on Friday night at the age of 74 after being hospitalized earlier in the week due to a respiratory issue. He battled Parkinson’s disease for 32 years.

Renowned for his superior boxing skills, Ali was also a political activist and thus a transcendent figure that extended well beyond sports.

The three-time World Heavyweight Champion and self-proclaimed ‘The Greatest,’ had 56 wins in 61 fights spanning over a 21-year career; of Ali’s victories, 37 were by knockout. He also won the light-heavyweight Olympic Gold Medal and had a string of 31 consecutive victories.

It was snapped by Joe Frazier, who won in 15 rounds via unanimous decision in the Fight of the Century at Madison Square Garden in New York City in March 1971.

Ali’s passing came during the Los Angeles Dodgers’ game with the Atlanta Braves, and Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully passed along the unfortunate news to those watching at home before honoring Ali by reciting one of his famous phrases: