Dodgers Roundtable: Should An Outfielder Be Traded?
Dodgers Roundtable: Should An Outfielder Be Traded?
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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Stacie Wheeler (@organicallyrude):

The Dodgers do not necessarily need to trade one of their Major League outfielders, but they should attempt to trade an outfielder if they are able to get a good return in a potential deal.

Considering Crawford’s health history, his lack of flexibility around the outfield and his significant contract, it would make most sense to look for ways to move Crawford before the Dodgers have to pay him another $23 million or so per year for the next two seasons.

The Dodgers very well could hang on to all their outfielders like they have done the past few seasons, because depth is certainly an important asset to the front office.

Eric Avakian (@AvakEric):

The Dodgers do not need to trade an outfielder. However, the front office should continue with their open-minded approach. The Dodgers would ideally like to get rid of Crawford, but it would require them to pay a significant amount of his remaining salary.

Any trade would still need to be worth their while. A deep lineup is a rare commodity to have and is of benefit with potential injuries over a 16-2 game season.

Although the Dodgers are anticipating healthy seasons from Ethier, Pederson, and Puig, depth in the outfield would be nice to have for first-year manager Dave Roberts.

Jeff Spiegel (@JeffSpiegel):

It’s obvious the Dodgers have too many outfielders, but in a league with guaranteed contracts, having too many doesn’t always require a trade.

Sure, trading someone would be nice if you got something back, but trading a player who will contribute — even if it’s just a little — for basically nothing isn’t reasonable.

Specifically, let’s address the White Sox’s reported interest in Ethier. The initial reaction: sweet! But then, you read more and realize the Dodgers may have to pay half of his remaining contract and still wouldn’t get a high-level prospect back? Mehhhhh.

Ethier is going to play a significant role on this team (even if it isn’t a full-time one). To give that up just to save a little bit of money seems foolish. So yes, if the deal is right, I’m all for a trade, but the way things are going it seems like standing pat is the right move.

Jared Massey (@JarredJMassey):

The Dodgers definitely need to trade an outfielder. The main problem is getting a decent return. Particularly for Pederson and Puig, Los Angeles would need good, young talent in return to justify a deal.

Coming off an injury-plagued season, there’s no way Puig would net fair value on the trade market, and the Dodgers should be in no rush to give up on Pederson. Ethier and Scott Van Slyke are also difficult to place value on.

Together, they’re productive pieces on a roster, but apart, they’d require a counterpart to avoid exploiting their weaknesses. That leaves Crawford, who’s nearly immovable.

Barring the Dodgers eating three-fourths of his contract, Crawford likely isn’t going anywhere. So, while trading an outfielder has presumably been a goal since the new front office took over, it doesn’t appear likely to happen anytime soon.