New Los Angeles Dodgers City Connect Uniform: ‘City Of Dreamers’

The new Los Angeles Dodgers City Connect uniform was officially unveiled, with the reveal switching from an all-blue look and confirming the cream jersey design that surfaced at an overseas retailer.

The new Dodgers City Connect jersey is white/cream based and features paint splatter on it. The trademark Nike Swoosh on the right shoulder area is in chili red and “Los Angeles” is across the chest in multi-blue font.

The right sleeve includes both of the Dodgers’ trademark logos, “LA” and a cursive “D” that was first introduced on Spring Training cap designs.

Furthermore, above the size tag on the lower left side is “#ITFDB” as an ode to Vin Scully’s popular catchphrase, “It’s time for Dodger baseball” and a hashtag regularly used by the Dodgers on their social media accounts.

On the back of the jersey, numbers feature a cutout and gradient design. The numbers are inspired by mid-century typefaces, which were popular during the Dodgers’ move to Los Angeles in 1958.

The uniform fabric represents a galaxy of stars, rendered in the color palette of seats at Dodger Stadium. The “galaxy of stars” is meant to represent the brilliance and diversity of Los Angeles.

The City Connect cap has the two combined logos on the front, “Dodgers” on the side panel, and the undervisor is inspired by the uniform’s galaxy fabric while celebrating the history and future of Dodger Stadium by being a new electric blue color.

The new jerseys are a nod to Los Angeles’ longstanding connection to being a city of dreams and dreamers, and one filled with those shooting for the stars where impossible dreams can turn into reality.

The front typeface on the new Dodgers Nike City Connect jersey is inspired by signage at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum.

The 2024 Dodgers City Connect uniform will be worn for the first time on Saturday, June 22, when they host the Los Angeles Angels for the Freeway Series finale.

Dodgers City Connect uniform history

The Dodgers are the first team in Major League Baseball with two City Connect uniforms since Nike started implementing the program in 2021.

The debut Dodgers City Connect uniform ushered in a landmark design as it marked the first time in franchise history that players wore all blue. The jersey featured “Los Dodgers” across the chest and black spray-painted accents on the sleeves to represent the city’s street art culture and murals. The left sleeve had the team’s “LA” logo in white.

That was paired with blue paints and a blue cap that also featured “Los Dodgers” across the top in place of the traditional logo.

For the 2022 season, the Dodgers’ City Connect look changed with players wearing a cap that saw “Los Dodgers” replaced by the traditional logo on the front and shifted to the right side in smaller font.

Furthermore, the bill of the Dodgers lid changed to black for the season.

Then in 2023, the Dodgers City Connect uniform underwent yet another change as the blue pants were switched out for white pants that had a blue stripe running down the sides of the legs.

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