New Dodgers City Connect Cap For 2022 Season

Last season the Los Angeles Dodgers were among the inaugural seven teams selected by Nike to take part in the City Connect series, which outfitted the team in an all-blue look for the first time in franchise history.

It additionally featured a new cap design with “Los Dodgers” in cursive rather than having the team’s interlocking “LA” trademark logo. The change matched the “Los Dodgers” written across the chest of the Dodgers City Connect jersey.

Nike and MLB selected seven more teams to take part in the City Connect program for this season, while those from last year kept their designs. However, the Dodgers City Connect uniform for 2022 does include minor changes to the cap.

“Los Dodgers” has been replaced by the traditional logo and shifted to the right side in smaller font. Furthermore, the bill of the Dodgers lid has been changed to black for this season.

The Dodgers wore their updated City Connect uniform against the New York Mets on Saturday. It marked their first time doing so since donning the somewhat polarizing design last season.

Some fans and players wished for a different design and detailing, but a general consensus was a blue jersey — like what the Dodgers wear during Spring Training — was a welcomed addition. Justin Turner has been among those championing for the Dodgers to incorporate a blue jersey during the regular season.

Dodgers City Connect design

Nike worked with each individual team to create their respective uniforms for the City Connect series, which is meant to represent the fanbase.

“The Dodger uniform is an iconic part of the franchise’s identity. While our traditional look has and will always be worn by the franchise-great players, the City Connect program offered us the opportunity to recognize the impact and importance of our multicultural fanbase,” Dodgers executive vice president and chief marketing officer Lon Rosen said in a statement when the jersey was unveiled.

“We’re excited to debut these City Connect uniforms on the field and know our fans will enjoy seeing ‘Los Dodgers’ on the uniforms as well as our new murals, which bring Los Angeles’ street art culture to Dodger Stadium.”

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