Kourtney & Justin Turner Finding The Fairway With Annual Justin Turner Golf Classic
Matthew Moreno/DodgerBlue.com

Kourtney and Justin Turner welcomed participants to a sold-out Justin Turner Golf Classic at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif., with Adidas gift bags that the couple themselves spent the weekend stuffing with swag.

In addition, Adidas provided shoes for all golfers. “The support of our sponsors and everyone coming out, it gets better and better,” Turner told DodgerBlue.com of the annual event that’s grown each year.

“Adidas went big for us this year with the bags and cleats. It’s exciting to see the new faces coming out and supporting and the amount of people that come back, that means we’re doing something right.”

Proceeds from the Golf Classic, which included an auction for autographed memorabilia, benefitted the Dream Center and its veterans program, as well as various initiatives the Justin Turner Foundation carries out for local hospitals.

Last year, the foundation purchased Disneyland tickets for children who had been hospitalized. “These events are what allow us to have the ability to put together special opportunities for those kids who are battling the unthinkable,” Turner said.

Turner being a key member of a Los Angeles Dodgers team that’s made back-to-back World Series appearances helps create awareness for the Golf Classic, but it’s the sustained commitment from Kourtney, Turner, and Clint Carlton of the Dream Center, that makes it a preeminent event.

“We don’t really have anyone taking the reins for us. We like to be hands-on, we like to be involved, we like to know everything that’s going on,” Turner said of the trio’s work. “Last week was a wild week. All the stuff was coming in, we spent Saturday afternoon after FanFest up at the Dream Center, hand-packing all the swag bags for the golfers.

“It is stressful but it’s something we take pride in doing ourselves and being involved with, because that’s how much it means to us.”

Though Turner very much is the public face of the foundation, Kourtney’s importance and contributions can’t be understated. Together, the couple has found the perfect balance to cultivate success for the foundation.

“Justin and I are pretty much equal partners. We both started it together. Our roles are a little different; he is more of the face of it and we use his platform to reach people and get more attention on the causes we care about,” Kourtney said.

“Definitely when it comes to our events, we’re both calling sponsors, getting auction items and putting everything together as a team. We like to keep it equal in that sense.”

There’s been a learning curve along the way, which made the fourth installment of the Justin Turner Golf Classic not quite as hectic as year’s prior. “There’s still a lot of work involved, planning-wise, but it’s easier in the sense that more sponsors are coming to us now and more people are coming to us,” Kourtney said.

“This year we sold out two or three weeks ago. We have a good system going. I think by Year 5 we’ll be professional golf tournament hosts.”