Justin & Kourtney Turner Share In Sense Of Pride After Los Angeles Marathon
Kourtney Turner, Justin Turner, 2020 Los Angeles Marathon
Matthew Moreno/DodgerBlue.com

Justin and Kourtney Turner have spent countless hours at Dodger Stadium over the past six years, but their presence on Sunday represented a much bigger reason. Kourtney ran the Los Angeles Marathon for a second consecutive year, raising money to benefit the Justin Turner Foundation.

Meanwhile, Justin served as the honorary race starter, also for the second year in a row. “It’s a honor to be asked to start the L.A. Marathon,” he told DodgerBlue.com.

“To stand at the starting line and feel the energy and excitement of the 27,000 runners as they are about to start their challenge and test themselves really is truly special.”

After sounding the horn for runners to begin their 26.2 mile trek, the L.A. Dodgers third baseman made multiple stops along the route to encourage Kourtney and other marathon participants, and he graciously allowed DodgerBlue.com to join him.

Justin drew a crowd and posed for photographs with fellow onlookers and runners who took a quick break.

“It’s an incredible day to go from start line, to mile 7, mile 11, mile 17 and then the finish line. You just see the waves of emotions from eagerness at the start to a relaxed sweat at (mile) 7. You begin to see the challenge at 11 and then 17 is pure determination and will and desire,” he said.

Kourtney Turner, 2020 Los Angeles Marathon
Matthew Moreno/DodgerBlue.com

“You can really see the runners starting to dig down deep. And then there is the finish line. If you ever go to a marathon you have to spend some time at the finish line. The range of emotion as runners cross is truly remarkable.

“From holding hands and raising their arms to skipping and laughing with excitement, to tears of accomplishment and literally being carried across in pain. I have nothing but respect for every single person that lines up at Dodger Stadium and takes on that roller coaster ride of emotion all the way down to Santa Monica!”

Kourtney pushing herself to run the L.A. Marathon helped the Justin Turner Foundation shatter their goal of raising $50,000. The proceeds will be used to fund various efforts Justin and Kourtney carry out, such as supporting homeless veterans, children and families impacted by life-altering illnesses, and organizing a Winter Wonderland event.

“It was such an unreal experience to run the marathon for a second consecutive year. Even though I had run it before, that doesn’t really take away any of the nerves and the butterflies going into it,” she said.

“I was able to prepare for the course a little more this year, being that I was now aware of the brutal hills during the first half of the course. For your first marathon, everyone just tells you to not set any expectations for a finish time, so this year I knew I wanted to push myself to beat last year’s time, and I was able to cut off over an hour!”

And for those moments when fatigue did set in, Kourtney remembered those she was running for. “I am still completely blown away by all of the support,” Kourtney said. “Any time my legs would feel heavy or I would feel something aching, I just kept reminding myself of all the lives that are going to be impacted by the money raised from this.

“It really did feel like people from all over the country showed their support for us, and it’s the best motivation to push yourself for reasons beyond your own personal accomplishments.”

Kourtney’s trek included a stop at Hollywood and Vine, where Turner and their friends were waiting — along with a mariachi band. “I had no idea he had hired a full blown mariachi to surprise me,” Kourtney said.

“Even after he pointed them out, I just thought they chose to cheer me on. I had no idea he was behind it, so I started cracking up when I finally realized it. It was such a fun push at a point where your starting line adrenaline starts to wear off a bit. They actually drew quite the crowd around themselves and Justin, and it became a little celebration spot for a moment.

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