Kourtney Turner Inspired By Bigger Purpose When Running Los Angeles Marathon To Benefit Justin Turner Foundation
Kourtney Turner, Justin Turner, 2018 Los Angeles Marathon
Los Angeles Marathon

Championed as the driving force behind the Justin Turner Foundation, Kourtney Turner is again pushing herself through the challenge of running the Los Angeles Marathon. She ran the half marathon in 2018 and will complete the full 26-mile trek from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica for a second consecutive year.

“It kind of happened by accident,” Kourtney told DodgerBlue.com of becoming a regular marathon runner.

“We were asked to become an official charity of the L.A. Marathon in 2018. We were thrilled to partner with the L.A. Marathon to help raise money for the causes near and dear to our hearts, but I just never thought I could run the actual marathon.

“I initially signed up for the LA Big 5K and began fundraising but people started making donations to my page saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re running the half marathon!’ I felt like I couldn’t accept their donations and well wishes and only run the 5K, so I signed up for the half marathon as well with only three weeks to prepare.

“After running the half marathon in 2018, I decided to run the entire thing in 2019. I was never really a distance runner. I was a sprinter and pole-vaulter in high school, so this did not come naturally for me. My high school track coach actually made a donation last year with the note, ‘This is more than you ran your entire high school career.’ It’s been so incredible to push myself through all of the training runs and preparation.”

For as physically demanding running the L.A. Marathon is, it pales in comparison to what those the Justin Turner Foundation provides for are enduring, and that is more than enough motivation for Kourtney.

“I am so inspired by the children and veterans I am running for, and they are what keeps me going,” she said. “I feel like although the training is difficult, it is nowhere near what the kids and veterans have been through. I can’t quit when I’m doing this for something greater than myself.”

Kourtney’s commitment is a source of pride for Justin Turner, who may be the namesake of the foundation, but is more than happy to take a back seat to his wife. “It’s an event Kourtney takes pride in,” Turner said.

“We work together on the Radiothon and the golf tournament; I get to play golf while she’s working all day. This is kind of her event to recruit runners and fundraise. It gives her a chance to shine, and she deserves that.

“She’s behind everything that we do. I know it’s called the Justin Turner Foundation but it would be nothing without her.”

In addition to the Justin Turner Foundation being an official charity of the L.A. Marathon, the Dodgers’ third baseman will be on hand to reprise his role as the official race starter.

“It’s the best feeling to have Justin there on Marathon Sunday to help send me on my way at the start at Dodger Stadium, follow me along the route, and be waiting for me at the finish line,” Kourtney said.

“I know his schedule is a grind, but for him to make it a priority to be there for me means the world to me. Also, I know the fans look forward to seeing him along the course to give them that extra boost to keep pushing.

“He does such a great job cheering everyone on, and although he isn’t participating in the marathon as a runner, he exudes such great energy for the city of L.A. that day, and represents it well as a race ambassador.”

Fans can visit Kourtney’s individual page, or www.RunwithJTF.com, to make donations. Collectively, the goal is to raise $50,000.

“It’s been so incredible to receive so much support through donations, tweets, comments from so many different people,” Kourtney gushed. “Although I hope to raise awareness for all that we do, the donations are what allows us to keep the foundation successful.

“Every time I see someone comment that they made a donation, it just adds to my motivation to do the best I can on race day.”

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