Evan Phillips Felt Energy Of Playoff-Like Atmosphere At Dodger Stadium

Evan Phillips recorded his 14th save of the season in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 8-5 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday.

The save came after a three-run eighth inning that led to the Dodgers taking the lead after Will Smith tied it in the seventh. Earlier in the game, the Dodgers trailed 5-2, but battled back led by a three-homer game from Will Smith.

Phillips ended up striking out the side in the ninth inning to close out one of the most exciting games of the season.

“Yeah, I think us staying competitive in the game, really giving ourselves a chance to stay close, to stay competitive, and then that rally in the bottom of the eighth to take a three-run lead,” Phillips began. “I really wanted to do my part in that and keep the momentum for us and really finish the game strong. And hopefully lead that into tomorrow.”

While Phillips was warming up, Smith stepped up to the plate with a chance for his fourth homer of the night. The crowd let out a loud cheer for him, trying to give all their energy to produce what would have made a historic moment.

Phillips was warming up at the time, and he hoped that fourth home run ball would fall into his glove during that time. While that didn’t happen, the team was still able to take the lead, drawing even more cheers from the crowd.

“Honestly, I don’t hear it like the rest of the team or crowd does, probably, because I’m just trying to stay focused on what I have to do,” Phillips said. “But you feel the energy, for sure. I think what I do well is try to floor that a little bit and utilize it to my advantage. But certainly awesome to hear Dodger Stadium rocking like that.”

There have been few times this year that Dodger Stadium was as loud as that bottom of the eighth inning. With two first place teams battling, and the potential history on the line from Smith, it presented a playoff-like atmosphere in July.

“I think when Will has a career night like that and everyone’s on the edge of their seat hoping for more, I think that kind of breeds that environment,” Phillips said. “But we do a good job in here coming in and treating each day just like a regular baseball game. I think that’s one of our advantages, is that regardless of the result, win, loss or whatever it might be, we come in here and have the same expectation every day.”

Evan Phillips trying to keep things simple

Even while the stadium was rocking and the Dodgers were in the midst of taking a three-run lead, Phillips tried to warm up the same way as he always does. That allows him to be prepared regardless of the moment.

“The score doesn’t really matter for me,” Phillips said. “I just try to make sure I prepare the same way for whatever kind of inning I’m dealt and I think that’s one of my advantages when I go out there and try to close the game. I just keep everything simple.”

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