Dodgers Video: Vin Scully Leaves Broadcast Booth For Final Time
Jeff Chiu-AP Photo

A 67-year, Hall-of-Fame career came to a close at AT&T Park on Sunday afternoon in fitting fashion for Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully, as Oct. 2 marked 80 years to the day from Scully becoming a self-proclaimed “rabid Giants fan.”

Scully’s affinity for baseball and the then-New York Giants began when he was walking home as a young child and saw the box score of the New York Yankees shellacking the Giants, 18-4, at Polo Grounds in Game 2 of the World Series.

The voice of the Dodgers put his love for the Giants on the back burner once he was hired to call games for Brooklyn. Despite that early attachment as a child, Scully is synonymous with the Dodgers.

San Francisco nonetheless put the rivalry aside and honored Scully throughout the three-game weekend series. On Sunday, fans received a placard that read, “Thank You Vin,” albeit in Giants’ black and orange coloring.

While the Dodgers ended the season in disappointing fashion, the Giants’ three-game sweep earned them a spot in the National League Wild Card Game. With Sunday marking his final game, Scully said he could root for San Francisco in their matchup against the New York Mets.

After calling the final play of the game — a Chris Taylor groundout — Scully gave his final sign off, closed up his book, and walked out of the booth a final time.