Dodgers Video: Justin Turner Participates In ‘Bird Box Challenge’
Justin Turner, Dodgers
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t shy when it comes to taking part in viral social media challenges and campaigns. Over the years, various players of the organization have participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge, Whip Cream Challenge and Lemon Face Challenge, to name a few.

The latest internet craze derives from the critically-acclaimed Netflix movie, “Bird Box,” starring Sandra Bullock. The film’s plot essentially consists of Bullock’s character often tasked to complete a wide range of objectives while being blindfolded.

Justin Turner added his own twist to the ‘Bird Box Challenge’ craze, where he attempted to take batting practice without the use of his eyes. He posted the hilarious outcome on Twitter:

The ‘Bird Box Challenge’ isn’t the first mainstream phenomenon in which Turner took part in. He most recently participated in the NEGU challenge, to which he stood with the Jessie Rees Foundation in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Given the popularity of Netflix’s “Bird Box,” it wouldn’t be surprising to see other MLB players follow Turner’s lead and post their own baseball-oriented version of the challenge on social media. Though, Netflix has attempted to dissuade fans from doing so out of safety.