Dodgers Recognizing Jaime Jarrín, Rick Monday, Pepé Yñiguez, John Shoemaker & More Longtime Employees

The Los Angeles Dodgers are planning to pay tribute to 74 employees with 25 or more years of service during a pregame ceremony at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night.

The annual tradition is going to include Jaime Jarrín (65 seasons), Manny Mota (55), Charlie Hough (43), Rick Monday (38), Steve Yeager (37), Fernando Valenzuela (33), Pepé Yñiguez (26) and John Shoemaker (46), among several others.

Last year the Dodgers held the on-field recognition on what would have been Tommy Lasorda’s 95th birthday. “I think it’s great that they’re being honored,” manager Dave Roberts said at the time.

“The Dodgers are a longstanding organization and there’s a lot of people that make this machine go. To be able to honor these people that have been here for 10, 20, 30, 40 years, on Tommy’s birthday, is pretty remarkable. I just think they’re in it with us every year.

“They enjoy the highs of the wins and they take the losses as hard as we do. For them to be honored, I’m really excited about it.”

For Valenzuela, the recognition comes during a season in which the Dodgers also retired his No. 34 jersey. That was during a weekend-long celebration for the beloved left-hander.

Valenzuela previously was selected to be on the cover of the 2023 Dodgers media guide.

Although Jarrín retired after the 2022 season, he agreed to remain involved with the organization in an ambassador role for two years.

“Representing the Dodgers mainly within the Latino community,” Jarrín said last October. “They have asked me to be with them, so I’m going to stay for two years. They wanted me for more than two years, but let’s see.

“I’m sure my love for the Dodgers is not going to end this year. After 64 years, I’ve really fallen in love with baseball and the Dodgers. They have been great with me. They have supported me, they have given me an opportunity. The Dodgers always were behind me.

“They treated me with respect. One thing I can tell you is I have never had any problem with anybody. I have been very fortunate to have really professional colleagues. They have been great.”

Longtime Dodgers employees

The full list of Dodgers employees who are going to be honored Tuesday night are: Jaime Jarrín (65 seasons), Manny Mota (55), former and Charlie Hough (43), Rick Monday (38), Steve Yeager (37), Fernando Valenzuela (33), Pepé Yñiguez (26), ushers James Harvey (53) and Howard Levine (51).

Also on the list are Usher Captain Richard Angona (48), Stand Captain Bruce Dinowitz (47), Elevator/Stair/Gate/Wheelchair Director Andrea Garcia (46), Usher Captain Mario Villegas Jr. (46), Minor League Manager John Shoemaker (46), Umpires’ Room manager Jerry Turner (44), Press Or Employee Gateperson James Mims (43), Employee Gate Person Robert Allen (43) Usher M.J. Babyak (42), Security Officer Richard Montano (42), Utility Groundskeeper Kevin Waters (41).

Gardener Petronilo Serna (41), Gate Captain Valerie Jones (39), Visiting Clubhouse Manager Mitch Poole (38), Assistant Stand Captain Jaime Moreno (38), DodgerVision Crew, Shane Shanahan (37), Usher Maria Ramirez (36), Stand Associate Rosemary Cochran (36), Stand Associate Adriana Kano (36), Usher George Barajas (36), Event Seller Sharon McCabe (35), Stand Captain Marina Goungo (35), Security Officer Anthony Adams (35), Security Officer Manuel Guantez (35), Utilities Groundskeeper Frank Torres (35), Dominican Operations Antonio Bautista (34).

Usher Anna McClure (34), Stand Captain Mark McCool (34), Stand Associate Lori Vasquez (34), Security Assistant Manager Gus Shirley (33), Elevator/Stair/Gate/Wheelchair Director Leticia Monroy (33), Receptionist Diana Lynn Darr (32), Receptionist Lucy Valdez (31), Usher Captain Earl Davidson (31), Sworn Officer Joe Romero (31), Stand Captain Linda Hano-Hernandez (31), Clubhouse Attendant Adam Morrone (30), Dodger Vision Crew Daniel Valdivia (30), Home Clubhouse Assistant Manager Jose “Peps” Castillo (30), Dominican Operations Pedro Mega (30), Grounds Crew Jaime Huezo (29).

Historian Mark Langill (29), Stand Captain Maria Barajas (29), Triple-A Oklahoma City manager Travis Barbary (29), VP of Ticketing Seth Bluman (28), Painter Julio Alveno (28), Usher Captain David Dohren (28), Event Seller Madeline Contreras (28), Elevator/Stair/Gate/Wheelchair Director Lisa Oechsel (27), Elevator/Stair/Gate/Wheelchair Director Theresa Casillas (27), Usher Irene Aguilar Aguilar (26), Elevator/Stair/Gate/Wheelchair Director Edmund Garcia (26).

Director of Clubhouse Operations Alex Torres (26), Security Officer Eduardo Torres (26), Usher Eduardo Vidana (26), Box Office Manager John Mullen (25), In-House Traffic Security Officer Dennis Vidal Feliciano (25), Stand Associate Franca Porras (25), Nurse Laura Wieclawek (25), Event Seller Victor Razon (25), Nurse Gabriela Perez (25), Sworn Sergeant Sean Karmody (25), Event Utility Leopoldo Figueroa (25), Senior Director Broadcasting Engineer Tom Darin (25) and In-House Traffic Security Officer Sergio Alarcon (25).