Dodgers Players Split More Than $3.5 Million In 2023 Postseason Shares

Major League Baseball announced the allotment of 2023 postseason shares, with the total pool reaching a record $107.8 million. The amount is slightly up from the 2022 total pool of $107.5 million.

The players’ share of the pool is formed from all four rounds of the postseason. They get 60% of gate receipts from the first two games of each Wild Card Series, first three games of each Division Series and first four games of each League Championship Series and the World Series.

The 2023 MLB postseason pool was divided among the 12 playoff teams: the World Series winner (36%), World Series runner-up (24%), the two League Championship Series runners-up (12% each), the four Division Series runners-up (3.25% each) and the four runners-up in the Wild Card Series (0.75% each).

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLDS generated $3,503,448. That total was fifth-lowest among this year’s postseason teams. The Dodgers issued 80 full shares for players, valued at $36,929 each; 14.04 partial shares and $30,791 in cash awards.

For the 2022 postseason, the Dodgers had $3,494,102 for their players’ pool. They issued 82 full shares, 13.24 partial shares, and $51,501 in cash awards. The total value of a share was $36,148.

The Texas Rangers’ first World Series title netted $506,263 per share, which was slightly down from the record set of $516,347 when the Houston Astros won in 2022. The Rangers split $38.8 million into 64 full shares, 12.56 partial shares and $48,000 in cash awards.

Meanwhile, the NL champion Diamondbacks split $25.9 million into 71 full shares worth $313,634 each, plus 11.49 partial shares

Breakdown of 2023 MLB postseason shares

Texas Rangers: $506,263
Arizona Diamondbacks: $313,634
Houston Astros: $173,187
Philadelphia Phillies: $171,184
Baltimore Orioles: $43,942
Atlanta Braves: $43,801
Minnesota Twins: $42,859
Los Angeles Dodgers: $36,929
Miami Marlins: $10,154
Toronto Blue Jays: $9,592
Tampa Bay Rays: $8,728
Milwaukee Brewers: $8,336

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