Dodgers News: Trevor Bauer Finds Flaw In MLB’s Plan To Enforce Foreign Substances Rule
Trevor Bauer
Keith Birmingham/Southern California News Group

All 30 teams were notified via memo from MLB on the impending enforcement of rules against foreign substances, which goes into effect Monday. As reports of the league nearing such a decision began to surface, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and Trevor Bauer were outspoken on the subject.

Of course, Bauer had long been waging a war against MLB and their turning an eye to use of banned substances. More recently, Bauer expressed his frustration with the unclear messaging surrounding the topic.

But even with MLB delivering a clear directive on how rules will enforced — and punished — Bauer called into question what would happen if a pitcher is thought to have utilized a sticky substance when in reality only a mixture of perspiration and rosin created that appearance.

As Bauer noted, MLB has entrusted umpires to check pitchers and position players to decipher if a banned substance has been used. Should they determine such, the player is immediately ejected and suspended 10 games for a first-time offender. There is not an appeal process.

Roberts not worried about Bauer

While Bauer has long lobbied MLB to police the use of sticky stuff, he is suspected to have incorporated it. Despite Bauer’s spin rates dropping and MLB in position to levy punishments, Roberts dismissed any concern.

For his part, Bauer continues to maintain he simply sought clarity from MLB and an even playing field for all.

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