Dodgers News: Mets’ Noah Syndergaard Deems Wave Only Acceptable At Dodger Stadium
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers boast one of the strongest fan bases in not only Major League Baseball, but all of sports in general. That was recently evident when the club surpassed 3 million in total attendance at Dodger Stadium for the seventh consecutive season.


Despite this, the organization still tends to garner negative feedback from other fan bases around the league. Most talking points surround on Dodgers fans arriving late to games due to traffic, as well as the sight of beach balls being hit in the stands.

Dodgers fans often participate in the wave as well, to the dismay of many critics. With the New York Mets in town for a three-game series earlier this week, right-hander Noah Syndergaard defended the baseball tradition on Twitter and proclaimed that it should only be allowed to take place at Dodger Stadium:

While many people find the wave to be annoying, taking part in the act at Dodger Stadium is unlike any other ballpark in the Majors. With an average crowd of nearly 46,000 this season, watching the wave unfold from section to section is undoubtedly a cool sight to behold.

The Dodgers are once again leading baseball in attendance this season, recently reaching the 3-million mark for the seventh consecutive year.