Dodgers News: Jackie Robinson Memorabilia Sold For Record Prices

Jackie Robinson is one of the most iconic figures in Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers franchise history and while memorabilia relating to him is hardly ever on the open market, there were a series of record-breaking sales of late.

One of seven ticket stubs from Robinson’s MLB debut in 1947 was sold at auction for $480,000. This sale proved to be the most expensive sporting event ticket ever purchased via auction. In addition, a 1946 questionnaire and 1948 rookie card of Robinson’s were also sold for record prices.

“Interest in the Jackie Robinson material featured in this auction was immediate and came from all over the globe the very moment the auction was opened,” Heritage SportsIvy founder and president Chris Ivy said.

“Because, of course, he wasn’t just a Hall of Fame ballplayer, but a trailblazer. We are not surprised his ticket is now the record-holder, and were incredibly honored to present these significant items from these landmark moments in a career that defined a sport and a nation.”

Heritage Auctions’ Winter Platinum Night Sports Auction is one of the premier sports memorabilia auction houses in existence.

In addition to ticket stub from Robinson’s debut with the Dodgers, a 1946 American Baseball Bureau questionnaire where the icon was asked about his “ambition in baseball” sold for $1.68 million.

A 1948 Leaf rookie card, graded an eight, sold for $468,000. Meanwhile, a 1946 Helibroner Baseball Bureau Information card that was filled out and signed by Robinson sold for $120,000.

Arguably the most unique piece that was sold at auction, though, was a signed copy of Robinson’s book, “Wait Till Next Year,” which had a personal letter written out to Pee Wee Reese. That sold for $144,000.

Dodgers celebrate Robinson

The Dodgers recently celebrated Robinson’s memory for what would have been his 103rd birthday by hosting 60 softball and baseball players from John Muir High School for a Q&A session at Dodger Stadium.

Along with inviting students for a one-of-a-kind experience, the Dodgers made a $5,000 donation to John Muir High School in honor of the Dodgers legend.

“This is a real treat. First off, the Dodgers want to welcome you guys here. I remember being your age and having an opportunity to talk to Major League players and NFL players. So for me now to be where I’m at right now, looking at you guys, and look at the man behind me, it’s going to be a special day,” manager Dave Roberts told students at the event.

“I think part of my job and the thing that gives me some of the most joy with my job is being a storyteller. I think you guys know the name Jackie Robinson and his impact, but to hear it from me and his son David, it’s going to be really rewarding, exciting and it’s also going to equip you guys to tell the story yourself.

“That’s what creates a legacy and ultimately is history. For me to be the first man of color to manage the Dodgers, and also be bi-racial and have Asian decent, I hold very dear to my heart.”

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