What Picks Los Angeles Dodgers Have In 2023 MLB Draft

The 2023 MLB Draft at Lumen Field in Seattle begins Sunday, with the first day consisting of 70 selections that run through the end of the second round, along with both competitive balance rounds and compensation picks. The Los Angeles Dodgers have 22 picks throughout the duration of the 2023 MLB Draft, which concludes Wednesday.

Two of those are a result of Tyler Anderson and Trea Turner rejecting the qualifying offer and signing with other clubs during free agency before the 2022 season. As a result, the Dodgers have two compensation picks immediately after the fourth round.

The Dodgers’ first pick in the 2023 MLB Draft is No. 36 overall and dropped 10 spots as a result of the team exceeding the luxury tax threshold by more than $40 million during the 2022 season.

The last time the Dodgers had the 36th pick in the MLB Draft, they selected Jordan Sheffield from Vanderbilt in 2016. Sheffield was later lost in the 2020 Rule 5 Draft and went on to make his MLB debut with the Colorado Rockies.

The Dodgers’ bonus pool for the 2023 Draft is $7,274,600, which ranks 24th overall. Bonus pools are calculated by adding the slot values of every pick through the first 10 rounds.

Any bonus amount more than $125,000 for draft picks after the 10th round also count against the pool money.

Consequences for exceeding that allotment include a 75% tax on any overage amount that is up to 5% over the pool. If a team goes over the 5%, they will lose their first-round pick in the next draft.

Thus, the Dodgers theoretically can spend roughly $7.63 million on draft pick bonuses and only face a monetary penalty.

As part of the 2022-2026 collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the first six picks in the 2023 MLB Draft were awarded to teams through a lottery system.

Dodgers Draft picks 2023

Competitive balance round A: 36th overall ($2,362,700 slot value)
Round 2: 60th overall ($1,336,900)
Round 3: 95th overall ($705,500)
Round 4: 127th overall ($516,800)
Free agency compensation for Tyler Anderson: 136th overall ($473,700)
Free agency compensation for Trea Turner: 137th overall ($469,000)
Round 5: 163rd overall ($364,400)
Round 6: 190th overall ($290,100)
Round 7: 220th overall ($228,000)
Round 8: 250th overall ($189,300)
Round 9: 280th overall ($173,600)
Round 10: 310th overall ($164,600)
Round 11: 340th overall
Round 12: 370th overall
Round 13: 400th overall
Round 14: 430th overall
Round 15: 460th overall
Round 16: 490th overall
Round 17: 520th overall
Round 18: 550th overall
Round 19: 580th overall
Round 20: 610th overall

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