Watch: Dodgers Rookies Tony Gonsolin, Dustin May and Matt Beaty Play Baseball Version Of ‘Never Have I Ever’
Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Matt Beaty during batting practice at Marlins Park
Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

While the Los Angeles Dodgers have become a team that relies on depth throughout their current reign over the National League West, this season brought about several rookies making their respective MLB debut.

Chief among them were Matt Beaty, Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May. Beaty was the first of the trio to join the Dodgers, followed by Gonsolin and May later in the season. The three were together for a baseball-focused segment of “Never have I ever,” with BuzzFeed.

May and Gonsolin, the Dodgers’ top two pitching prospects, both admitted to falling asleep during games in high school and college, while Beaty said he superstitiously re-wears underwear sometimes after a good game.

He explained there were instances in which it was out of necessity because of travel circumstances. May the interjected to say he keeps with the same undergarments, albeit clean ones.

Beaty also said his wife gets mad at him when he takes a first-pitch fastball for a strike, while all three admitted to getting lost at ballparks and at times forgetting teammates’ names.

All three have also pranked teammates before. May pranked Gonsolin with a rubber snake during a recent road trip to Atlanta.

The most shocking revelation of all, though, was that May had never eaten a Dodger Dog. Fortunately, both Gonsolin and Beaty had and encouraged their teammate to try one.

The three rookies are not the only ones to be superstitious or sharing with their gear. Joc Pederson credited a recent hot streak to using a bat gifted by Andre Ethier. Meanwhile, Cody Bellinger has now taken to borrowing Pederson’s cleats when wearing high socks.

Earlier this season, Pederson borrowed Bellinger’s first base glove at the start of his ill-fated stint at that position.