Tyler Glasnow Didn’t Feel Added Pressure To End Dodgers’ Losing Streak

The Los Angeles Dodgers concluded their homestand with a 10-0 rout of the New York Mets, backed by a stellar performance from Tyler Glasnow and an eight-run inning.

Entering the game, the Dodgers were on a three-game losing streak, but they had also lost nine of their previous 14 games, which included six of their last eight. As the staff ace, Glasnow was expected to perform as the stopper and get the Dodgers back on track, but he didn’t feel any extra pressure.

“For the most part, I just try to keep it as consistent as possible, try not to add too much external stuff,” Glasnow said. “It’s obviously there, but I think for the most part, any conscious thing I can do throughout my routine is usually not trying to worry about it, I guess. Just trying to make it like any other start.”

Part of Glasnow’s mindset heading into the game is related to his overall positive and even-keel demeanor, but he also believed the Dodgers’ offense would get their struggles figured out sooner than later.

“If I’m being honest, I wasn’t ever super worried about it,” Glasnow said. “I think we all know how talented our team is. It’s obviously important, but I think with it being this early in the year, I was never really too worried about us not hitting for the rest of the year. You know what I mean? It was going to come back eventually.”

Glasnow also felt better after dealing with an illness his last time out. “Definitely felt better physically,” he said.

“I mean, I was sort of sick against Minnesota too. So I don’t know if the sickness was a thing. But yeah, I guess I felt way better this one than last one.”

Glasnow ended up pitching one of the best starts, not just of his career, but one of the most impressive of any Dodgers’ pitcher in the past few seasons.

The right-hander was efficient all game, which allowed him to pitch eight innings, the first time a Dodgers’ starter went that deep into a game since Clayton Kershaw in July 2022.

It also tied a career-high for the ace.

“I think today, just try to keep the rhythm the same,” Glasnow said. “I was working on stuff throughout the week after the last start. Just being more relaxed and rhythmic always helps me be in the zone a bit longer and have all my pitches. So I think today just rhythm-wise and how my body was moving were just efficient, and I was able to get out of innings quick.”

The only time he ran into some real trouble game in the eighth inning, when the Mets loaded the bases with two outs. However, Glasnow struck out the final batter he faced to escape the jam, letting out a show of emotion on the mound.

“Yeah, I think just having a good day, and then if I were to give up runs in the last inning, it just kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth,” Glasnow said. “So I’m just glad I got to get out of the inning.”

Glasnow finished his day with eight shutout innings, striking out 10 hitters while walking none and allowing seven hits.

Dodgers considered pulling Tyler Glasnow earlier

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had a thought of pulling Glasnow from the game after seven innings, but decided to let him go back out for the eighth to help rest the bullpen and due to his low-stress innings up to that point.

“Today was a great win, and he impacted us in a lot of ways,” Roberts said. “Starting pitchers that have been around, they understand what’s at stake when they take the baseball that particular start. And today, we were in the middle of it, as far as workload with the ‘pen, recently. Going into an off day to give our guys a chance to reset, have two days down, was huge.

“Obviously the fastball played, but the curveball was so good today. In the strike zone, down below when he needed to, and it just kept them off balance. And they didn’t square too many balls up today, and he was efficient. The 10 strikeouts versus no walks, another solid performance from Tyler.

“I’m looking forward to enjoying this one and getting on the road.”

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