MLB Players Association Updates Historic Logo

The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) announced that it has updated its historic logo after 50 years. The new MLBPA look features a richer, bolder color palette and a modernized player silhouette.

The modernization of the shield will align it with the MLBPA’s other organizational logos such as the Players Trust and MLB Players, Inc. The shield’s fonts, colors and styles have also been unified with the aforementioned logos.

“Our union is growing exponentially with the addition of Minor Leaguers to our fraternity, so we felt this was an appropriate time to modernize our historic shield logo,” MLBPA executive director Tony Clark said in a statement.

“Our goal was to retain the fundamentals and essence of the original logo, which Marvin Miller helped design, while refreshing it with bolder, richer colors that symbolize our union’s strength through unity as well as its standing in professional sports and the labor movement.”

The MLBPA updating its logo marks the latest change in a long list of improvements over the last year. As Clark noted, Minor League Baseball players joined the union this past September after an arbitrator validated their authorization cards and MLB voluntarily recognized the decision.

“I applaud this extraordinary group of young Players and welcome them to the MLBPA,” Clark at the time. “This historic achievement required the right group of Players at the right moment to succeed.

“Minor Leaguers have courageously seized that moment, and we look forward to improving their terms and conditions of employment through the process of good faith collective bargaining.

“I also want to acknowledge the tireless efforts of Harry Marino and the dedicated group he led at Advocates for Minor Leaguers, without whom this historic organizing campaign would not have been possible.”

MLBPA executive director Tony Clark signed five-year contract extension

It has been a busy year for Clark in particular, who helped negotiate the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between MLB and the Players Association. The players achieved several notable gains in the deal, which prompted the union to reward Clark with a five-year contract extension.

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