MLB News: Rob Manfred Issues Warning To Teams In Wake Of Red Sox Caught Using Apple Watch
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball fined the Boston Red Sox an undisclosed amount for sending electronic communications from their video room to an athletic trainer in effort to steal signs. The New York Yankees filed a complaint last month that centered around the use of an Apple Watch.

As MLB launched an investigation, the Red Sox issued a counterclaim that the Yankees used their YES Network cameras to spy on their archrival. The Red Sox’s fine was considered a relatively light punishment, though a precedent has now been set and harsher penalties will be rendered moving forward.

“All 30 clubs have been notified that future violations of this type will be subject to more serious sanctions,” a portion of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred’s statement read. “Including the possible loss of draft picks.”

The Red Sox skirted away with only the fine in part due to MLB not finding evidence the team’s violation was conducted under the knowledge of ownership or front-office personnel.

The Los Angeles Dodgers found themselves in the league’s crosshairs last season over their use a laser rangefinder to aid defensive alignment in the outfield. The strategy was reported to the league by the New York Mets once they learned the Dodgers intended to mark spots at Citi Field.

A member of the Dodgers organization claimed they were granted permission by the Mets grounds crew to mark one spot in each left field and center field. Los Angeles avoided any discipline from the league, but teams were informed they are not permitted to leave markers in the field.