Kourtney Turner Joins 76 Gas To Surprise Dodgers Fans Through Pumpire Promotion For July 6 Game At Dodger Stadium
Kourtney Turner, Pumpire, 76 Gas
76 Gas

As a longtime sponsor of the Los Angeles Dodgers, 76 Gas surprised unsuspecting customers with an opportunity to win tickets and more through “Pumpire.” Kourtney Turner, wife of Justin Turner and active member in the local community, joined in on the fun.

Pumpire was voiced, controlled remotely by a local comedian, and set up at 76 gas stations in Woodland Hills and Corona over two separate days this week. The Zoltar-inspired mechanical umpire aimed to stump Dodgers fans with team trivia at the pump.

Those who proved knowledgeable were rewarded with free tickets to the July 6 game at Dodger Stadium, when 76 is celebrating “7/6 Day.” Along with complimentary tickets, 76 provided lucky winners with admission to a pre-game VIP experience at the iconic 76 gas station inside the Dodger stadium parking lot.

Kourtney, of course, was among those to pass the Pumpire test. “It was such a fun experience attending the 76 Pumpire surprise,” she told DodgerBlue.com

“I didn’t know what to expect when I was interacting with the Pumpire but he was a trip. I loved seeing people thinking they were just going to pump their gas and then suddenly have a chance to attend the July 6 game.”

Although it is no longer in operation, the now-closed 76 gas station at Dodger Stadium is a landmark as it was the only of its kind. It coincided with the stadium’s opening in 1962 and for several years represented a full-service stop beyond the left-field pavilion. The 76 logo was also placed atop the scoreboard.

When Dodger Stadium opened, it was the only visible brand signage in the stadium for the first two decades.

“Everyone that’s been to a game knows about the iconic 76 gas station in the parking lot, but I don’t think people realize they’ve been a sponsor since the first season at Dodger Stadium,” Kourtney said.

“It’s always great to be out in the community interacting with fans of the Dodgers, and seeing them get opportunities to attend a game is even better. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the people at 7/6 day.”

While fans attending games no longer have the option to fill up on the Dodger Stadium premises, 76 regularly runs various promotions for tickets at their locations throughout Southern California. They additionally distributed limited-edition pins that commemorated players and important dates in Dodgers franchise history.