Justin & Kourtney Turner Pledge Support For ‘Desperately Needed Change In Our Society’; Dodgers’ Statement Evokes Jackie Robinson
Justin Turner, Kourtney Turner, 5th Annual Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala
Darrell Ann/DodgerBlue.com

Justin and Kourtney Turner joined Mookie Betts in addressing civil unrest and protests in response to George Floyd dying while in custody of Minnesota police, and the Los Angeles Dodgers followed suit shortly after with a statement on behalf of the organization.

“We stand behind those marching for justice and desperately needed change in our society. We will not pretend that we have personally experienced your struggle, but we will use our voice to speak out against racism and stand with you all,” the Turners shared on their social media accounts. ⁣

“We do not condone hate and want to show our support for this fight. We will continue to use our platform to demonstrate love to everyone, regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexuality, background, etc. We hope the looters and those inciting violence will not take away from the fight.

“We realize this may not be comfortable for some people to talk about, but it is time to get uncomfortable and have these conversations. ⁣Please continue to share ways in which we can lend support. We are listening and remain open to learning. We hope everyone stays safe as we come together for a greater good.

“We pray for peace, hope, justice and change.”

https://www.instagram.com/p/CA6Wn23DMX0/ ⁣

The Turners have long been pillars in the community, regularly providing for those in need, whether through their Justin Turner Foundation or on behalf of the Dodgers and L.A. Dodgers Foundation (LADF).

⁣Shortly after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shut down the economy, Justin and Kourtney began partnering with small-business restaurants to have food delivered to The Dream Center, which then distributed it along with essential items to local families.

Like other Southern California professional sports teams, the Dodgers also voiced their support for peaceful protestors championing for an end to racism.

“As we stood with Jackie Robinson to overcome the barrier of racism in our sport, we now stand with all Americans who will no longer tolerate the evils of racism and social injustice in our society,” the Dodgers said in a statement. “We must remain dedicated to the pursuit of freedom, equality, and justice for all.”

They also included a famed quote from Jackie Robinson, who of course broke the color barrier with the Dodgers organization: “There is not an American in this country that is free until every one of us free.”

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