How To Get New Los Angeles Dodgers 76 Pins Through May 23

To coincide with Opening Day and the Los Angeles Dodgers beginning their World Series title defense, 76 Gas began providing fans with an opportunity to receive this season’s limited-edition pins.

The Dodgers pins will available from April 1-May 23, 2021. This season, fans need to purchase fuel through the My 76 App, where they can then select their preferred pin that will be mailed out.

The Dodgers and 76 have a longstanding history, and they came together for the 2019 season to give fans a chance to select from two pins after purchasing a minimum of eight gallons of fuel. That promotion coincided with the brand’s iconic logos returning above the scoreboards at Dodger Stadium.

“We’re beyond thrilled to extend this historic sponsorship and return the iconic 76 logos to their original positions on top of both scoreboards, just like when the stadium opened,” Dodgers senior vice president of global partnerships Michael Wandell said at the time.

“Through the years, the Dodgers and 76 have created collectible pins, player portraits and unforgettable memories – as fill-ups turned into game tickets – forming a legacy relationship that is embedded into the fabric of both brands.”

The relationship, now in its 59th year, began when 76 assisted former Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley with the funding required to construct the stadium following the team’s move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. For two decades 76 was the only visible brand signage at Dodger Stadium.

The 76 ball was first seen during the inaugural season at Chavez Ravine in 1962.

Dodgers, Kourtney Turner work with 76

Coinciding with commemorative pins returning, the Dodgers and 76 came together in July 2019 for the creation of “Pumpire,” which was set up at two local gas stations and tested fans with team trivia.

Kourtney Turner joined in to help surprise fans and she also attended “7/6 Day,” when select fans won complimentary tickets and were invited to attend a pre-game VIP experience at the historic 76 gas station located in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

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