How Qualifying Offer Impacts Dodgers In MLB Free Agency
Corey Seager, Chris Taylor
Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers were among the 10 teams who gave a qualifying offer to at least one of their free agents.

Only 14 players who received a qualifying offer, two of them were from the Dodgers: Corey Seager and Chris Taylor.

The one-year pact, if a player choses to accept it, is worth $18.4 million for the 2022 season. But if a player declines the offer, they would be free to sign with any other team with the caveat of draft pick compensation tied to them.

The players who received a qualifying offer have until Wednesday, Nov. 17, to make their decision. Of course, that’s largely a formality as most players decline it. Of the 96 players to receive the qualifying offer since its creation in 2012, only 10 have accepted it.

For the Dodgers, Seager and Taylor are both expected to decline it, but they would still be free to re-sign in L.A.

If they chose not to re-sign and end up with another organization, L.A. would receive a compensation pick after the fourth round of the 2022 MLB draft.

The compensation is determined by numerous factors, including a penalty for teams who went over the luxury tax in the past season — such as the Dodgers.

For teams that lose a player who received the qualifying offer and did not exceed the luxury tax, the compensation pick is based on whether the team received revenue sharing and how big the signing contract is.

These selections can range from after the first round to after Competitive Balance Round B, which follows the second round.

If the Dodgers chose to sign a player who received the qualifying offer, they would lose their second- and fifth-highest selections in the 2022 Draft, as well as $1 million from their international bonus pool for the upcoming signing period.

If they sign two players who received the offer, they will also forfeit their third- and sixth-highest picks.

The penalties are higher for the Dodgers because they exceeded the luxury tax threshold this past season.

For teams that did not exceed the threshold and do not receive revenue sharing, they would lose their second-highest pick and $500,000 from their international bonus pool.

If those teams sign multiple players who received the qualifying offer, they would also lose their third-highest pick and another $500,000 from their international bonus pool.

Teams that receive revenue sharing would only forfeit their third-highest selection and if they sign two or more, they would also lose their fourth-highest choice.

The rest of the players who received the qualifying offer are Brandon Belt, Nick Castellanos, Michael Conforto, Carlos Correa, Freddie Freeman, Marcus Semien and Trevor Story, along with pitchers Raisel Iglesias, Robbie Ray, Eduardo Rodriguez, Noah Syndergaard and Justin Verlander.

Dodgers didn’t want to rush Kershaw with qualifying offer

Although Clayton Kershaw was eligible to receive a qualifying offer, the Dodgers did not give him one as expected.

President of baseball operationsAndrew Friedman explained the team did not extend the one-year pact to Kershaw so as to respect his wishes with taking a deliberate approach in free agency.

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