Hanser Alberto Reveals Meaning Behind Celebration With Dodgers Teammates

Hanser Alberto has infused energy into the Los Angeles Dodgers clubhouse and regularly celebrates nearly every moment with teammates. One recent instance with Edwin Ríos was replicated by broadcasters Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser, and went viral.

On Wednesday night, Alberto was seen giving Mookie Betts the shaka sign — or “hang loose” hand motion — as he approached third base after hitting a solo home run. Alberto then celebrated the same way after Justin Turner hit a single later in the game.

“Switch it up,” Alberto explained of his hand motion.

“In 2020 in Winter Ball, we were winning the final three games to one, and we lost it. They came from behind, won all three games in a row. So then last year, I went to the team and said, ‘Every time we get a hit, (does hand motion), we switch it up.’

“So I brought it here, and now everybody does switch it up.”

The Dodgers signed Alberto to be a right-handed option off the bench and defensive replacement. He’s only appeared in nine games (five starts) thus far, but quickly made an impression on the Dodgers.

Betts said he wasn’t certain of the meaning behind the hand shaking and simply participated because he saw Alberto flashing it to him. What Betts could definitively say, however, was no one on the Dodgers roster enjoys celebrating more than Alberto.

“I think it makes his day, so it makes all of ours,” Betts said.

Alberto added: “If they love it, I’m happy. It’s all about having fun out there. This game sometimes is so frustrating. You’ve got to enjoy it. We’re enjoying it now and hopefully we continue to do this more and more.”

Hanser Alberto contract details

The Dodgers signed Alberto to a one-year, $1.6 million contract that includes a $2 million team option for the 2023 season, and $250,000 buyout.

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