Halloween 2021: Gavin Lux Believes Dodgers’ Dress-Up Day Is Best In Baseball
2021 Dodgers, dress up, costumes
Sue Jo/Los Angeles Dodgers

After being unable to do so last year because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Los Angeles Dodgers brought back their tradition of dressing up in costumes for the flight to the last stop of the season’s final road trip.

All players, coaches, staff and members of the traveling party again were asked to wear costumes. Participants were permitted to decide their own theme and even partner up if they desired.

Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer and Julio Urias dressed as bikers from the popular show, “Sons of Anarchy.” Meanwhile, Corey Seager and Chris Taylor appeared as players from the cult classic “BASEketball” movie.

Mookie Betts and Gavin Lux also went as characters from the famed “White Men Can’t Jump” movie, and Joe Kelly drew praise for his full-blown outfit of The Grinch that was complete with a mask.

Other teams around baseball have their own version of dress-up day, but Lux believes the Dodgers’ creativity makes them the undisputed leaders of the pack, via SportsNet LA:

“We do it better than everybody in baseball. You look at some of the other teams around the league, and I think ours smokes everybody out of the water, by far. Just the array of stuff guys pulled out, it was super creative. It was pretty cool to see what everybody came up with.”

While many fans on social media felt the biker outfits were the best of the bunch, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts gave his vote to trainer Yosuke “Possum” Nakajima going as Scherzer, which included a black eye and broken nose in reference to his ill-fated bunt attempt during batting practice.

“The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ got a lot of play with those four pitchers, but there was a sneaky one. Possum, Yosuke, one of our trainers, was dressed up as Max Scherzer,” Roberts said.

“He had the black eye from getting the foul ball, he had the blue contact lens in his right eye, the Nats jersey. That was a sneaky good one for me.”

Dodgers manager honored father

As for Roberts, he dressed up as Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell as a tribute to his late father. “I chose Earl Campbell because it was my father’s favorite player as a Houstonian growing up,” Roberts explained.

“I bought that jersey when he was alive, so I wanted to wear that. I got some football pants from the Broncos and the high socks. Just a little shoutout to my father.”

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