Freddie Freeman & Mookie Betts Developing Close Friendship As Dodgers Teammates

The Los Angeles Dodgers were fortunate to add a former MVP in Mookie Betts prior to the 2020 season, but they weren’t done there as they added another MVP winner in Freddie Freeman this year.

Both were the faces of their respective franchises at the time of coming to L.A., with Betts leading the Boston Red Sox to a World Series title in 2018, and Freeman playing a key role in the Atlanta Braves capturing the championship in 2021.

Betts and Freeman are now hitting back-to-back nearly every game in the Dodgers’ lineup and both are playing at MVP levels as the club leads baseball with 290 runs scored.

While the pairing is working great on the field, it’s also going growing off the field as the two are developing a good friendship, Freeman told Juan Toribio of

“It’s been great, it really has,” Freeman said of their relationship. “I think him coming from Boston and getting traded, my situation, he’s been in a similar thing and you kind of just hit it off and you have the same mindset in life.”

Betts said that friendship has grown because of how often they’re near each other, but it also includes their families becoming close as well:

“He’s just a friend of mine now,” Betts said. “We come to the field around the same time, our routines are very similar. We bat one and two, and we’re just enjoying the friendship.”

That friendship has included car rides to and from the ballpark, even on the road. Their wives, Chelsea and Brianna, have become friends, as have their young kids — particularly Freeman’s son Charlie and Betts’ daughter Kynlee. Occasionally, the two have decided to fly to cities together in order to keep their families close to one another.

With Freeman signed to a six-year contract and Betts on a 12-year deal, they will get to continue to develop their friendship over the long run with the Dodgers.

Dodgers schedule Freeman bobblehead night

The Dodgers announced Freddie Freeman bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium has been scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 10, when they host the Minnesota Twins in the finale of a two-game series.

Additionally, a Betts bobblehead, which was previously announced, will be given out to fans on Oct. 3, during their series against the Colorado Rockies to end the regular season.

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