Forbes Ranked Dodgers 2nd-Most Valuable MLB Franchise
Joc Pederson, Dodger Stadium, LA logo field
Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports

Despite the 2020 Major League Baseball season being shortened and played without fans due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the value of teams continued to soar.

According to Forbes, team values increased to an all-time high average of $1.9 billion this year, which is up 3% from the previous year.

The Los Angeles Dodgers entered the 2021 season with an estimated $3.57 billion valuation. That was good for the second-highest in all of baseball, trailing only the New York Yankees, who are worth $5.25 billion.

The Dodgers were valued at $3.4 billion last year and $3.3 billion in 2019. Guggenheim Baseball Management paid $2.15 billion to purchase the team in 2012.

While teams thrived from a value standpoint, the lack of gate revenue still had a negative impact on their bottom line. The league as a whole missed out on a reported $1.8 billion last season, in comparison to a $1.5 billion profit the previous year.

Revenue fell 65% but that is expected to increase for all 30 teams next season when MLB’s new national media deals come into effect.

The league is projected to see a 19% annual average increase from 2022 through 2028, with perhaps room for even more growth if they work out TV broadcasting rights agreements with the likes of Amazon and YouTube.

Forbes’ list of MLB team values

New York Yankees ($5.25 billion)
Los Angeles Dodgers ($3.57 billion)
Boston Red Sox ($3.47 billion)
Chicago Cubs ($3.36 billion)
San Francisco Giants ($3.18 billion)
New York Mets ($2.45 billion)
St. Louis Cardinals ($2.25 billion)
Philadelphia Phillies ($2.05 billion)
Los Angeles Angels ($2.03 billion)
Washington Nationals ($1.93 billion)
Atlanta Braves ($1.88 billion)
Houston Astros ($1.87 billion)
Texas Rangers ($1.79 billion)
Chicago White Sox ($1.69 billion)
Toronto Blue Jays ($1.68 billion)
Seattle Mariners ($1.63 billion)
San Diego Padres ($1.5 billion)
Baltimore Orioles ($1.43 billion)
Minnesota Twins ($1.33 billion)
Arizona Diamondbacks ($1.32 billion)
Colorado Rockies ($1.3 billion)
Pittsburgh Pirates ($1.29 billion)
Detroit Tigers ($1.26 billion)
Milwaukee Brewers ($1.22 billion)
Cleveland Indians ($1.16 billion)
Oakland Athletics ($1.13 billion)
Cincinnati Reds ($1.09 billion)
Kansas City Royals ($1.06 billion)
Tampa Bay Rays ($1.06 billion)
Miami Marlins ($990 million)

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