Evan Phillips, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Partner With Shoes That Fit To Provide For Local Students

Evan Phillips and the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) partnered with Shoes That Fit to provide 500 pairs of new athletic shoes to every student at 28th Street Elementary School.

“We’re so excited for this particular opportunity,” Dodgers Foundation CEO Whiteman said from the local school. “Partnering with Shoes That Fit since 2019 has been nothing but gratifying. We funded a sprinter (van) that goes throughout South Los Angeles and other communities to provide shoes to students at schools and non-profit organizations.

“It’s important for people to know that while shoes feel very simple, they are a significant sign of poverty. At the end of the day, one in four young people in California are living in poverty, and their families are choosing between shoes and food on the table.

“We don’t want that. We want to be able to support communities and give basic necessities to families that need it most. IN particular, we are so excited to be here at 28th Street Elementary because it adjacent to the street where the major explosion happened last year. I know there are students from this school who are still going through a significant level of trauma.”

Phillips, his wife Liz, and Whiteman distributed the new shoes to students.

“For Liz and I to come out there this morning, spend time with the kids and participate in a program like this has been really great,” Phillips said. “I think the kids get a ton of joy out of it, and so do we.”

Last August, the LADF partnered with player wives on a “Spouses Favorite Things Auction” to raise $20,000 for Shoes That Fit. In 2020, Kershaw’s Challenge and the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation worked with Shoes That Fit on a drive-thru event.

“We are delighted once again to partner with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation,” Shoes That Fit CEO and executive director Amy Fass said.

“The Foundation has been supporters of our program for three years and understand the importance of how a pair of new shoes can increase a child’s confidence, attendance, and performance at school. We are so thankful that the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation is taking the time to make such a positive impact on these kids.”

LADF receives award

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation received the Liberty Hill Foundation Visionary Award at the Upton Sinclair Homecoming Celebration, where frontline organizers, activists, community partners, philanthropists and every day change-makers were honored.

The LADF received Liberty Hill’s Visionary Award in recognition of their mission to improve youth development, education, healthcare and homelessness through a social justice lens.

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