Dodgers Videos: Vin Scully Appreciation Day Ceremony, Kevin Costner’s Tribute
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The buildup to Friday’s Vin Scully Appreciation Day at Dodger Stadium set expectations unreasonably high, which the Los Angeles Dodgers and others involved easily exceeded. Note one for the spotlight, Scully’s eyes welled up multiple times.

The Dodgers opened auto and stadium gates earlier than usual, which gave fans plenty of time to arrive and read the dedication letter that was written by the Hall of Fame broadcaster. The memento is one of three marquee items being distributed during Vin Scully Weekend.

On Saturday, the first 50,000 fans in attendance will receive a minted coin that has Scully’s image and signature saying engraved.

Then for the final game of the homestand, a commemorative issue of Dodger Insider magazine will be passed out to the first 50,000 fans.

Friday’s hour-long ceremony began with a video that was narrated by Bob Costas and featured several former Dodgers, among others, all of whom spoke glowingly about the voice of the franchise:

Dodgers broadcaster Charley Steiner, who emceed the event, then introduced each of the special guests. One was actor Kevin Costner, a friend of Scully’s. Each person took their turn to speak, with Costner the last to do so and he delivered a touching tribute:

Of course, the last to walk the blue carpet was Scully and his wife Sandi. Scully eventually stepped to the podium under a thunderous round of applause. He began with his customary greeting and in true Scully fashion, proceeded to shine the spotlight on anyone but himself:

Scully joked that at his age, retirement is simply about trying to live. In reality, he’s looking forward to spending time with family. Scully concluded his speech with a reminder of his sharp sense of humor.

“I’m looking for a much smaller house, and a much larger medicine cabinet,” he said of retiring.