Dodgers Video: Shohei Ohtani And Yoshinobu Yamamoto Exchange Playground Compliments

The Los Angeles Dodgers gave a sneak-peak at Playground Compliments, a new in-game video for fans to enjoy when at Dodger Stadium during the 2024 season. The game consists of a head-to-head matchup between two Dodgers teammates where the premise is to win by making your opponent laugh through flattering complements.

The first iteration of Playground Compliments featured Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who of course have a friendship that predates both signing with the Dodgers during the offseason.

Most notably, the two were teammates on Team Japan during their gold medal performance in the 2023 World Baseball Classic. Matching the two of them up was certainly the right choice, as the friendship between Ohtani and Yamamoto was evident and made for entertaining exchanges.

Some highlights from the Dodgers’ video are Ohtani telling Yamamoto, “You have a handsome face.” It prompted a reply from Yamamoto exclaiming, “I think you are more handsome, Shohei-san.”

As the video progresses Ohtani takes longer and longer pauses before he speaks as he desperately attempts not to laugh.

Who won Dodgers’ Playground Compliments?

Yamamoto remained stone-faced from start to finish, not really having to do much in order to get Ohtani to crack.

“He laughs at my face,” Yamamoto said as the game ended. Ohtani accused Yamamoto of purposely trying to get him to laugh.

If the minute-long video is anything to go off of, the Playground Compliments should be a smash hit all year long at Dodger Stadium.

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