Dodgers Video: Madison Bumgarner Yells At Alex Guerrero After Fly Out
Madison Bumgarner
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants met a fifth time in eight days Tuesday night, which was the second matchup this season between left-handed aces Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw.

Neither pitcher earned a decision in their first head-to-head meeting, but Bumgarner edged Kershaw Tuesday by throwing eight innings and allowing just one run on five hits. Kershaw allowed two runs on seven hits in seven innings of work. Bumgarner also had nine strikeouts to Kershaw’s nine.

As if the matchup between the reigning National League MVP and World Series MVP didn’t bring enough electricity into the game, Bumgarner’s actions after an Alex Guerrero at-bat in the seventh inning certainly added to it.

Upset over a pitch over the plate that he believed to miss and flied out on, Guerrero spun and tossed his bat toward the Dodgers’ dugout out of frustration. Bumgarner apparently took exception to that and appeared to tell Guerrero, “You’re not that [expletive] good, man. You’re not that [expletive] good.”

Guerrero didn’t react to Bumgarner’s comments and made his way back to the dugout without issue. The Cuban native hit a pinch-hit home run off Bumgarner on April 22, and joins Yasiel Puig as Dodgers the Giants’ ace has taken issue with.