Dodgers Spring Training Video: Landon Knack Completes Inning Faster Than Pedro Báez Throws Pitch

The first week of 2023 Spring Training games is underway, and with it comes a learning curve for the Los Angeles Dodgers and other teams as they try to adjust to new MLB rules.

Perhaps the biggest change is the implementation of a pitch timer, which requires a pitcher to begin his motion before the expiration of the 15-second clock, or 20 seconds with at least one runner on base.

Adapting to the pitch clock has proven to be challenging for some pitchers thus far, while others seem to be getting the hang of it. The consensus is that prospects and younger players will have an easier time adjusting to the timer as it was previously tested in the Minor Leagues.

MLB analyst Rob Friedman tweeted a side-by-side comparison of Knack completing an entire half-inning before Báez threw a pitch during a 2016 National League Championship Series outing against the Chicago Cubs:

Knack retired all three batters faced against the San Diego Padres on Monday, getting through a scoreless fourth inning in under two minutes.

Báez last pitched for the Dodgers during the 2020 season and was known for being one of the slowest workers in the league. The right-hander re-signed with the organization on a Minor League contract last year but never made it back to the Majors.

Chris Taylor among Dodgers struggling with pitch clock

In addition to pitchers needing to start their motion within the required time, hitters must also be in the batter’s box with at least eight seconds remaining.

Chris Taylor was called for a violation in Sunday’s matchup against the Chicago Cubs for not being ready. “That was my first before I even got in the box. Yeah, it’s definitely, it’s quick,” he said of the experience.

“I think you definitely have to kind of anticipate when you’re on deck, you got to be ready to get in the box immediately. I got caught watching the game. And then before I knew it, I was out of time.

“I think I actually got in the box in time, but I guess my head was down. They’re definitely on it, so you got to be ready.”

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