Dodgers Rumors: 2018 Series Against Padres To Be Played In Monterrey, Mexico

Dodgers Rumors: 2018 Series Against Padres To Be Played In Monterrey, Mexico

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When the Los Angeles Dodgers announced their 2018 preliminary schedule, it did not include details on a potential series with the San Diego Padres in Mexico. It reportedly was a possibility Major League Baseball has been working on in effort to further grow the sport.

Considering the Padres’ proximity to the country, and history of Dodgers players with ties to Mexico, the teams make for the obvious decision to head south of the border. The initial expectation was they would meet for a regular-season series in Mexico City.

While the Dodgers and Padres are still on track to meet, their matchup is expected to take place in Monterrey, per Marco Almaraz of La Cancha:

The majors will return in 2018 to the Estadio Monterrey with a regular season series between Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, from May 4-6.

The Dodgers previously played in Mexico City when they faced the Red Devils in 1964, and the New York Mets in 2003. Los Angeles also played exhibition games in Monterey in 1991 when they faced the Industriales de Monterrey and Milwaukee Brewers.

The Padres have been involved in all four Major League games ever played in Monterrey. They faced the Mets in 1996, and opened the 1999 season with one game played against the Colordo Rockies.

It’s possible the Dodgers will field a lineup — or roster — that includes Adrian Gonzalez and Alex Verdugo, both of whom played for Team Mexico in the 2017 World Baseball Classic.