Dodgers Rumors: Julio Urias Video Suggests Lack Of ‘Criminal Intent To Injure’ During Domestic Battery Incident
Julio Urias
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers faced troubling news early this week as Julio Urias was arrested Monday for his role in an alleged domestic violence incident at the Beverly Center. Urias was released early Tuesday morning after posting the $20,000 bail.

The Dodgers issued a statement as reports of the matter were beginning to circulate. Saying, “We learned about the alleged incident this morning and are in the process of gathering information.

“As a result, we have no comment at this time regarding the incident. However, every allegation of domestic violence must be taken seriously and addressed promptly, and we will cooperate fully with the authorities and Major League Baseball to ensure that that happens in this case.”

MLB’s statement was similar to that of the Dodgers’, and Urias was placed on seven-day administrative leave while the league conducts their investigation. As MLB and authorities handle the matter, indications are Urias did not attempt to harm the woman involved, per TMZ Sports:

We’re told the video of the incident does show Urias making physical contact with the woman during the March 13 altercation in the Beverly Center parking lot — but as one source puts it, “It doesn’t appear there’s criminal intent to injure her.”

One source says it appears Urias used his hands in an attempt to stop her from leaving the area during a heated argument.

In other words, it seems as though he was trying to restrain her, not strike her … though the woman DID go to the ground at some point during the argument.

While video may suggest Urias’ actions were not purposely malicious, his getting physical with a female still represents trouble. MLB presumably has seen — or will see — the video as they continue to gather evidence.

Indications have pointed to Urias avoiding charges being pressed against him, but that does not guarantee he will avoid punishment from commissioner Rob Manfred. Furthermore, there has not been any sign of when a ruling may be handed down.

Manfred has authority to extend Urias’ administrative leave however he sees it fit. Per the collective bargaining agreement, the Dodgers cannot act independently or impose disciplinary action during the league’s investigation.

Suspensions under the domestic violence policy that was established in 2016 have ranged from 15 to 100 games.