Dodgers Rumors: Clayton Kershaw’s Recovery Estimated To Be 4-6 Weeks
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Since Clayton Kershaw received an epidural injection and diagnosed with a mild disc herniation, the Los Angeles Dodgers have said they aren’t yet certain of a timeline for his recovery. Manager Dave Roberts halfheartedly joked any set length of time would be arbitrary as Kershaw would work to beat it.

Kershaw himself said he was going to be stubborn throughout his recovery and spoke with frustration of being on the disabled list. President of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said over the weekend the club would have a better idea of when Kershaw may return once he’s able to resume pitching.

Friedman also revealed Kershaw was in the early stages of completing a five-step rehabilitation process. The left-handed made notable progress Wednesday as he was cleared by Dr. Robert Watkins to begin playing catch.

While the Dodgers have not publicly set a timeline for Kershaw’s return, Jon Heyman of Today’s Knuckleball reports they were told by doctors his injury called for a four-to-six week recovery:

Doctors estimated to the Dodgers it would be “four to six weeks” for Clayton Kershaw, who received an epidural for his herniated disk. There still is no exact timetable, though Dodgers people know Kershaw is a very quick healer, and extremely tough.

This is just the second time in Kershaw’s career where he’s been forced to the DL. He missed six weeks after making his first start in 2014 due to a teres major strain (upper back). Kershaw’s DL stint this season is retroactive to June 27.

He was scheduled to make two starts prior to the All-Star break, and was a candidate, if not the frontrunner, to start for the National League in the All-Star Game at Petco Park.