Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig, Wild Horse Foundation Provide For Los Angeles Unified School District
Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig, Wild Horse Foundation Provide For Los Angeles Unified School District

The Los Angeles Dodgers were once again represented in the local community by Yasiel Puig, who spent the past two mornings visiting children on their first day(s) back at school. Puig made a surprise visit to Esperanza Elementary School in Los Angeles on Tuesday, bearing gifts.

Through the Wild Horse Foundation, he provided world maps, backpacks, soccer balls and various P.E. equipment. Puig also made a charitable $1,000 donation for the school to use toward the purchase of books.

“We just had a visit from Yasiel Puig, who brought us a check for $1,000 for the school library,” Esperanza Elementary School principal Brad Rumble said. “It’s the first day of school here at Esperanza and it’s unbelievable.

“Baseball is a momentum sport, but I would say school year is a momentum year. We couldn’t have started with a better way. Yasiel Puig, No. 66, the Wild Horse, visiting each of our fifth-grade classrooms and bringing that message and perseverance to our students.”

On Wednesday, Puig spent time at Gates Elementary School. He intends to continue visiting local area schools in the weeks and months ahead. Puig purchased more than $30,000 of school supplies for Los Angeles Unified School District schools located in four low-income areas.

Puig will also return to the Dominican Republic this winter, alongside Manny Mota, to provide aid and relief. Mota and Puig did the same last December, which served as the de facto unveiling of the Wild Horse Foundation.

The foundation provides food to areas in need and during the holiday season, purchases and distributes toys for children, provides athletic equipment to schools and youth leagues in need, and donates supplies to community centers and underprivileged schools.

Last May, the Wild Horse Foundation hosted their inaugural poker tournament at Dodger Stadium.