Dodgers News: Tyler Glasnow ‘Looking Forward To Having Some Healthy Seasons’

The Los Angeles Dodgers began to bolster their starting rotation with a splash by acquiring Tyler Glasnow from the Tampa Bay Rays, along with Manuel Margot, for Ryan Pepiot and Jonny DeLuca.

As part of the deal the Dodgers signed Glasnow to a contract extension worth $136.5 million that runs through the 2027 season with an option for 2028. Although Glasnow was already under contract for the 2024 season for a total of $25 million, the deal begins in 2024, so the extension essentially adds four-years and $111.5 million for the right-hander.

While Glasnow is arguably a top five pitcher in baseball when he’s on the mound, that has been a challenge for the 30-year-old.

Glasnow has reached the 100-inning mark just twice in his career, with the first being in 2018 and the second time this past season.

Because of that, Glasnow has been considered injury prone, but he thinks that doesn’t tell the full story.

“I mean, given the amount of innings and amount of injuries the previous years, to say that is probably fair,” Glasnow acknowledged. “I think for me, the majority of the innings that I’ve missed have been related to the same injury.

“The first time it happened was 2019. That was the first time I injured the UCL and it was the same injury that happened later in ’20 and then ’21 again. Finally, I got it fixed, and ever since Tommy John, that’s felt amazing. I had the oblique last season for a little bit. That could’ve been just from taking time off and getting right back up.

“I’ve never really been prone to injuries or anything until that 2019 UCL sprain or tear, whatever it was. And ever since I’ve gotten that fixed, it’s never really been something I’ve thought about. Now, compared to then, is night and day.

“I’m looking forward to having some healthy seasons.”

Glasnow underwent Tommy John surgery in 2021 and missed most of the 2022 season. After returning in 2023, he set career highs with 120 innings pitched and 21 games started.

Both Glasnow and the Dodgers are confident the injury issues are behind him, but he was able to use the past troubles to learn more about himself and improve as a pitcher.

“That injuries suck and they definitely test you mentally,” Glasnow said about what he learned dealing with the injuries and adversity. “But I think as long as you keep a day-to-day set of goals as opposed to being like, ‘In five months I’ll be able to do this and that.’ I learned that the most.

“Having little individual goals every day kind of keeps you from going crazy. I think you can translate that into baseball and life. The little victories sound super cliche, but as long as you get a little better at something or hit a milestone every day, it isn’t as hard.

“It’s such a rollercoaster but if you keep your goals day by day, it helped me a lot. That’s probably the No. 1 thing that I learned.”

The Dodgers are betting on Glasnow staying healthy, and if he does, they should be rewarded with an ace for their pitching staff.

Playing for Dodgers has been a dream for Tyler Glasnow

The trade represents a homecoming for Glasnow, who grew up in Santa Clarita. The Southern California native thanked the Rays organization in a post on Instagram and also expressed his excitement over fulfilling a dream of pitching for the Dodgers.

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