Dodgers News: Trevor Bauer, Noah Syndergaard Trade Barbs

When the Los Angeles Dodgers signed Trevor Bauer to a record-setting contract, they faced immediate criticism over adding someone to the organization with a public track record of perceived harassment.

The focus of Bauer’s tweets that long have come into question were those aimed at women. “Everyone makes mistakes in the past,” Bauer said during an introductory press conference at Dodger Stadium.

“I’ve tried to learn from them, I’ve tried to learn as quickly as I possibly can, I try to understand other peoples’ viewpoints on things and be better in the future. I think if you look at my history as a baseball player, my history on social media, my history as a person for those who know me well, they’ll see that I apply that process to everything that I do.

“I’m committed to doing that moving forward and ultimately I’m here to be a positive impact on anyone that I can be in the community, in the clubhouse, on the field, at the stadium, whatever the case is.”

Ever active on social media, Bauer again finds himself in the spotlight over exchanges with New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard.

Syndergaard began the barbs with a reference to Bauer’s explanation over leaked marketing materials from Momentum that suggested he would sign with the Mets. In effort to make amends, Bauer pledged to make donations to New York-based non-profit organizations.

Bauer vows to improve on social media

In the past, Bauer has defiantly made it clear he will always defend himself on social media. That would seemingly be the basis of his exchanges with Syndergaard, which generally speaking was relatively light-hearted in nature.

Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said he and CEO Stan Kasten discussed Bauer’s social usage, and the right-hander said he would learn from prior mishaps.

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