Dodgers News: Riley Ottesen Headlines Group Of Signed 2017 MLB Draft Picks
Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced the signing of 21 of their 40 picks from the 2017 MLB Draft, with Riley Ottesen headlining the group. The right-handed pitcher was selected in the fifth round out of the University of Utah.

In addition to Ottesen, the Dodgers also signed each of their picks from the sixth to the 10th round: right-hander Wills Montgomerie (sixth round), right-hander Zach Pop (seventh), third baseman Rylan Bannon (eighth), right-hander Connor Strain (ninth) and outfielder Zach Reks (10th).

Rounding out the 21 signings are: right-hander Marshall Kasowski (13th round; 400th pick overall), second baseman Marcus Chiu (15; 460), right-hander Zach Willeman (18; 550), left-handed pitcher Justin Hoyt (22; 670), shortstop Connor Heady (23; 700), shortstop Preston Grand Pre (24; 730).

And left-hander Devin Hemmerich (26; 790), left-hander Justin Lewis (28; 850), center fielder Chris Roller (30; 910), outfielder Tyler Adkison (32; 970), right-handed pitcher Brett De Geus (33; 1,000), right-hander Dan Jagiello (34; 1,030), right-hander Colby Nealy (35; 1,060), right-hander Corey Merrill (36; 1,090) and right-hander Riley Richert (37, 1,120).

Undrafted free agents Austin Hamilton, Eric Peterson, Jake Roberts and Amaury Telemaco were also among the confirmed signings.

The Dodgers did not announce signing bonuses for any of the players. The club has $5,517,800 in bonus pool money to sign their 2017 MLB Draft picks made within the first 10 rounds. It also applies to picks made in rounds 11 or later, should the Dodgers offer the player $125,000 or more.

That’s increased from $100,000 that was in place under the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement. Last year, the Dodgers committed at least $125,000 to five different players drafted in round 11 or later.

The Dodgers must avoid exceeding that total by five percent to avoid losing a pick in the 2018 Draft. Historically, teams will often exceed their allotment by 4.99 percent or thereabouts.