Dodgers News: Rich Hill Calls Dropdown On Home-Run Pitch To David Peralta ‘Poor Decision,’ Takes Accountability For Loss
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ big four-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium did not get off to a good start on Thursday night as they fell, 3-1.


All of the game’s runs were scored on two swings of the bat. Diamondbacks outfielder David Peralta hit a three-run home run off Rich Hill in the fifth inning, and then Manny Machado hit a solo shot in the sixth.

While that was his only blemish on the night, Hill was critical of himself for making a bad pitch in a key spot to Peralta, as seen on SportsNet LA:

“It was just a bad pitch. Poor choice on my part and it cost us the game. So you have to be accountable for your play, and I certainly am. I made a poor decision in dropping down, that’s all. And it was the difference in the game.”

Hill also gave up a hit to opposing starter Robbie Ray to begin that fifth inning. Knowing how crucial the series is, Hill is holding himself accountable for the loss:

“Just that pitch right there (to Peralta), I think also giving up a hit to the pitcher at the beginning of the inning kind of frustrates me. But really just having that loss loom over us moving forward. I think these games are huge right now. I don’t think that has to go without saying, but again, just being accountable for that pitch that cost us the game is tough.”

While Hill is again being hypercritical on himself, the loss really should fall on the offense. Dodgers batters combined to strike out 15 times while also hitting into three double plays.

Hill gave up six hits and just the three runs in five innings of work, striking out seven without walking a hitter. The Dodgers bullpen was also flawless in relief of him, tossing four shutout innings to give the offense a chance at a comeback although they ultimately fell short.