Dodgers News: Rich Hill Credits Clayton Kershaw For Pulling Starting Rotation Together
Adonis Dees-Cronkite News

Even with the loss of Yu Darvish as a free agent to the Chicago Cubs, the Los Angeles Dodgers starting rotation has shined thus far. The group is again led by Clayton Kershaw, who’s in his 11th season with the club and widely regarded as the best pitcher of his generation.

With several ERA titles under his belt, three Cy Young Awards and an MVP, Kershaw has already cemented a Hall-of-Fame career even if he’s unable to eventually capture a World Series title. While the accolades are a component to defining Kershaw’s legacy, his renowned work ethic and attention to detail are the stuff of legend.

And even though his talent puts Kershaw ahead of his peers, he does not treat them as such. For Rich Hill, the success of the Dodgers’ starting pitchers this season is a testament to their leader.

“That’s a tribute to Clayton leading the staff, having meetings and pulling us together as a unit,” Hill said.

“Keeping us together, something that we may not have done in the last couple years but this year guys are definitely more in tune and getting to know each other a lot better which translates to the field and it’s been good.”

Familiarity may also be a factor in Dodgers starting pitchers functioning as one. Each of the five members were with the club last season. As for the constant praise heaped on him, Kershaw much prefers to champion his teammates.

He’s referred to Chase Utley as the perfect role model and praised Justin Turner for his consistency and leadership qualities that have helped the Dodgers revamp their clubhouse culture under manager Dave Roberts.