Dodgers News: Logan Forsythe Comfortable In New Setting, Downplays Brian Dozier Comparisons
Dodgers News: Logan Forsythe Comfortable In New Setting, Downplays Brian Dozier Comparisons

Logan Forsythe and his wife had just completed the purchase of a 64-acre farm in Tennessee when he received a phone call from the Tampa Bay Rays to inform him of the trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“I could tell it was news they didn’t want to tell me,” Forsythe said Saturday during the team’s FanFest at Dodger Stadium. He sensed it was to the Dodgers, but nonetheless asked Rays general manager Eric Neander for confirmation. “I had heard the rumors,” Forsythe said, “I figured it was L.A., but I just wanted to hear him tell me.”

Unlike Brian Dozier, who recently criticized the Minnesota Twins, Forsythe was not affected by trade speculation this winter. Because of the Dodgers’ reported interest in Dozier, comparisons between the two second baseman are seemingly inevitable.

Again, that’s far from Forsythe’s mind, though he nonetheless offered an assessment of Dozier. “Dozier is a great player. I haven’t looked too much, and I don’t look too much at stat comparisons,” Forsythe said.

“But I see how he plays on the field, he has excellent pop. The difference in my game probably is, I try to work the other way a little bit more, the right-center field gap. Other than that, he’s a great defender, smart baseball player and good teammate.”

Forsythe is being pegged by many as the missing ingredient that will be instrumental in aiding the Dodgers to their first World Series since 1988. That sits fine with the 30-year-old, who is looking to mesh with veterans while providing leadership to younger players on the roster.

“The Dodgers’ success on the field is known, and I’m just happy that I get to be another piece to try and help them get a little further,” Forsythe said. “I’m happy to come over to a winning organization, help with the young guys if I can, and jump in with the core guys.

“I’ve always tried to be consistent as an all-around player, and that goes off the field as a good teammate. I think that’s appreciated. Just play hard.”

Considering the amount of time players spend together during Spring Training, Forsythe doesn’t have any qualms over the process of becoming acclimated to a new set of teammates. His laid-back nature was on full display when Justin Turner interrupted the media scrum to ask Forsythe if he’d decided on a locker in the Dodgers clubhouse.

“I’m looking for a new neighbor,” Turner said. “Dude, I’m your guy.” Forsythe responded.