Dodgers News: Justin Turner Not Fond Of New MLB All-Star Game Jerseys
Los Angeles Dodgers 2021 MLB All Star-Game jersey

Prior to the 2021 MLB All-Star Game being moved from Atlanta to Denver in response to restrictive voting laws Georgia enacted, the 91st Midsummer Classic was already poised to see change with what players would be wearing.

MLB All-Star Game jerseys are being utilized for the first time in league history, with the new look from Nike replacing the tradition of players wearing their team’s uniform. Regardless of whether a member of the National League or American League team, every All-Star is being outfitted in a navy cap with their team’s logo on it.

Behind the team logo is a purple star with a mountain peak to represent the All-Star Game being hosted by the Colorado Rockies.

As for the jerseys, they still appear to have been the primary design created when the All-Star Game was due to be hosted by the Atlanta Braves. NL All-Stars will don the two-button look in white, while AL players will wear blue.

Justin Turner is among the Los Angeles Dodgers due to participate in this year’s exhibition, and doing so in a new All-Star Game look is not something he is particularly supportive of, per Bill Shaikin of the L.A Times:

“I don’t know if I’m necessarily in love with that,” said Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, a two-time All-Star. “To wear a Dodger uniform on the field for an All-Star game, it’s something to be proud of.”

The batting-practice style jerseys feature a floral pattern in the cuff, 2021 All-Star Game patch on the left sleeve and United States of America flag on the right. Down the left side on the front of the jersey is the league’s abbreviations for each club and an oversized logo.

The back of the jerseys include stars under each player’s name to represent their number of career appearances in the event.

That Turner would express some hesitation isn’t much of a surprise considering he has long touted himself as a traditionalist. Though, Turner did previously voice support for the Dodgers incorporating their blue Spring Training jersey as an alternate during the regular season.

All-Star Game honors Hank

Players were in their team uniforms for All-Star Game interviews, workouts and the Home Run Derby, but everyone wore No. 44 to honor the late Hank Aaron.

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