Dodgers News: Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen And Bud Norris Not Concerned With Trade Rumors
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers, like many other teams contending for the postseason, have been mentioned in multiple trade rumors as they look to solidify and upgrade their roster ahead of Monday’s non-waiver trade deadline.

Considering the assortment of injuries and question marks in their starting rotation and inconsistent production from the outfielders, it’s not surprising the Dodgers have primarily been linked to those areas.

Their first trade came when Clayton Kershaw was to be lost to the disabled list as the Dodgers acquired Bud Norris from the Atlanta Braves in a five-player deal. Norris’ fate in the rotation now largely hinges on what trades the Dodgers do or don’t complete.

“I’m not worried about it (spot in the rotation and trade rumors). I got to go out there and pitch when I’m told to pitch,” said Norris after a strong outing against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night.

“Even this year for me I spent a month in the bullpen, so I know what that is and how you can help a team win games. So with that being said, what we got, and do or don’t do, that’s up to [Dodgers front office].

Norris understands the Dodgers may be looking to add a missing piece to the puzzle but expressed confidence in the teammates he’s quickly become acclimated with. “I think they’re looking at the collective group we have here now and they’re pretty excited, and maybe one piece away is the way they look at it,” Norris said.

“But in our opinion, we know we got a 25-man roster and some other guys coming that we could really run something off. As far as I’m concerned we love the group we have in here and we want to keep going forward with the group we have.”

Justin Turner, who has been a large part of the team’s recent offensive resurgence, reiterated Norris’ thoughts on the looming trade deadline. “Right now we’re just worried about the 25 guys we have here,” Turner said.

“If they do something, great. If not, I think we’re plenty good enough to win a division title and play deep into the playoffs.” Turner has very much been a driving force behind the Dodgers’ last two National League West titles, and is playing an integral role in the heart of the lineup.

Meanwhile, Kenley Jansen has anchored the back of the bullpen, albeit with some stumbles of late. He too isn’t concerned by the trade deadline. “I really don’t care, we have a good team. Whatever the front office does is better for us,” Jansen said.

“To me, this is our 25 guys right now,” Jansen said. “I really don’t care about all that drama out there. We’ve got a good team. All we’ve got to do is continue what we’ve been doing.” Like Norris, Jansen may be most affected by a trade the Dodgers complete prior to Monday.

The club has recently been linked to Kansas City Royals closer Wade Davis, but Kansas City’s reported insistence that Ian Kennedy also be included in the trade, is said to be a stumbling block.