Dodgers News: Dave Roberts On Board With MLB Umpire Announcing Replay Review Decision

The Los Angeles Dodgers were part of MLB history during Monday night’s Freeway Series game at Dodger Stadium as it was the first time an umpire announced the ruling from a replay review to fans in attendance and the broadcast.

L.A. Angels manager Joe Maddon played his part by challenging the call of Chris Taylor being hit by a pitch in the bottom of the fifth inning. “I don’t think it was something Joe did to kind of discredit C.T. as far as challenging hit by pitch,” Roberts explained after the Dodgers’ 10-4 loss.

“I think it was one of those we got encouraged by Major League Baseball to practice it. And so I appreciate Joe doing that. And it’s different, but I think middle of the season it’ll be commonplace for us.”

After a review that was less than 30 seconds, crew chief Ted Barrett announced the initial call of Taylor being hit was confirmed and the Angels were out of challenges. The sequence was reminiscent of what’s seen in the NFL and has now become commonplace in the NBA.

“Like I said it was different but I do think that the time, I think it was a little bit quicker,” Roberts said. “So anything we can kind of keep the pace up is a good thing for everyone.”

New MLB system for umpire to announce replay decision

The league is only days into implementing their new system, which has a crew chief communicate with the replay official in the MLB offices in New York.

In the event of a challenge, the umpire jogs to either baseline and faces the press box to make the announcement. After communicating with the replay official, the crew chief returns to the same spot to make an announcement of the ruling and any changes for placement of runners.

The system will also be used when a crew chief review is initiated without a challenge from either team. In those instances, the crew chief will proceed to the baseline to make the announcement.

The steps in which teams can request a challenge remain the same as previous seasons. A manager has 20 seconds to alert the umpire whether he wishes to issue a challenge, and it may not be rescinded once it has been exercised.

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