Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Hopes To Have Energetic, Positive Clubhouse Culture
Jon SooHoo-Los Angeles Dodgers

Getting the various personalities that can make up a professional sports clubhouse to mesh with one singular goal in mind can prove to be a daunting task.

The Los Angeles Dodgers saw during the 2014 just how difficult matters can get when egos and personalities fail to align well enough.

Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman did his best to improve the clubhouse, though there still appeared to be some issues last season.

Some of that can be tied to players naturally growing agitated with one another over the course of a long year.

While at times criticized for his in-game decisions, former Dodgers manager Don Mattingly was viewed as someone who kept the clubhouse in order.

That responsibility now falls on Dave Roberts’ shoulders. He didn’t have a black-and-white answer when asked for his take on creating a positive atmosphere in the clubhouse, but acknowledged success can go a long way.

“Winning is always a cure-all. Winning is always a good thing, everyone is happy and there’s always good chemistry when you’re winning,” Roberts said.”

“I think there’s a lot of different ways to create clubhouse chemistry. I think for me coming in with a clean slate and obviously what this organization has done by winning three division titles in a row, there’s a lot of good things.”

Amid expectations to guide the organization to their first World Series win since 1988, Roberts said he isn’t yet feeling pressure ahead of his rookie managerial season. While he’ll put his stamp on the club, Roberts doesn’t believe a complete overhaul is necessary.

“To be quite honest, I just want to come in and continue some of the great things. For me, the culture is going to be more positive-driven, energy-driven,” he said.

“It goes back to guys have got to care about one another. If you can care about the guy next to you, and really want the best for him, then I think everything else takes care of itself.”

Roberts said he’s already met with roughly 15 players and is scheduled to meet with Clayton Kershaw on Sunday. The 43-year-old manager is also looking forward to developing a relationship with Yasiel Puig, whom Roberts has previously never spoken to.