Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Took ‘Exception’ To ‘Pointed’ Comments Andy Green Made About Alex Wood
Dave Roberts
Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts’ homecoming lasted all of one inning on Friday night as he and San Diego Padres skipper Andy Green were ejected prior to the second inning beginning. It came after umpires gathered Green and Roberts to discuss what had transpired in the bottom of the first.

While pitching to Manuel Margot, Alex Wood turned to yell at Jose Pirela, who led off with a double. Wood appeared to take umbrage with Pirela stealing signs; Wood clarified postgame he felt Pirela was relaying location.

That Roberts became so infuriated was behavior and demeanor seen by the 2016 National League Manager of the Year.

True to his personality, Roberts’ reaction was in response to Green’s criticism of Wood. “Greg Gibson and the umpire crew did a good job of keeping control,” Roberts said.

“In between innings letting both managers know they were going to issue a warning for each team to make sure nothing gets out of hand. At that point in time, I was going to take care of Woody and let him know, and I expected Andy to do the same for his guys.

“There were some things Andy directed at our player. At some point I took exception, thought it was excessive, and so I got emotional. As an opposing manager, to talk about the situation and agree or disagree with how the umpires handle it, is his opinion. When you make pointed comments about our player, I have a problem with it. That’s all I wanted to convey.”

Roberts declined to go into specifics over what Green said, and declared the matter was put to bed from the Dodgers’ perspective.

Green explained in his postgame press conference he believed Wood’s act of threatening to hit Pirela warranted an automatic ejection. Wood denied threatening to hit Pirela.

Green said his player was not stealing signs and added the act “has been going on for 100 years, and goes on every day. You change your signs if you think somebody is stealing your signs.”

The conversation with the umpires seemed tense but only grew combative because of parting words from Green. “I said it probably dripping with a little bit of sarcasm.”