Dodgers News: Andre Ethier Planned Costly Revenge On Corey Seager At Justin Turner Golf Classic

The sixth annual Justin Turner Golf Classic represented an opportunity for former Los Angeles Dodgers teammates to enjoy a reunion, and that held particularly true for Cody Bellinger, Andre Ethier, Corey Seager and Chris Taylor.

Their foursome was one Ethier hopped would emerge victorious from the sold-out tournament. “I’ve been working on a new grip,” he said before stepping onto the green at the prestigious Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

“I got some new clubs, but I didn’t bring them out because I’m not up to that level yet. If Belli can bomb it the way he does and I can be handsy with my chips, I think we have a chance. Maybe Seager is the putting guy we need for the scramble.”

Playing alongside Seager was something Ethier enjoyed during his career, but this week that meant doing so with the new Texas Rangers shortstop. Seager left the Dodgers in free agency for a 10-year, $325 million contract with the Rangers.

“I’m going to make him pick up the tab all day,” Ethier joked. “I know he hasn’t gotten paid yet, but it’s coming. He can pick up any tab I have. I’m actually going to go in the pro shop right now and tell them everything is on him.

“Belli and Seager were young rookies when I was at the end of my career, and all the success and stuff they have, that’s what makes baseball so great. The camaraderie and brotherhood never leaves. Sometimes guys make bad choices to go to Texas, but I can understand the commas that were involved in that. Big congrats to him.

“I know it’s going to be a fun day with everyone and I look forward to running up that tab.”

Ethier impressed by Justin Turner Golf Classic

While Seager and other Dodgers have been regulars at the annual Justin Turner Golf Classic, this year represented Ethier’s first time participating. But not for lack of effort from Justin and Kourtney Turner.

“I’m appreciative for all the invites I’ve gotten from Justin over the years. He actually gave me a lot of crap because he’s invited me before, and I no-showed him one year and I had a good excuse. And the previous year, I just told him I was busy,” Ethier revealed.

“This time I text him. I was like, ‘Hey Justin, am I going?’ He goes, ‘Well, you didn’t want to come the first couple years. I didn’t know you wanted to come now.’ So it was kind of more my hampering, but I got invited back.

“It’s pretty remarkable to see how far Justin has come in his philanthropy work. From starting at the Dream Center, just kind of showing up and doing the de facto things to what it’s grown and the presence he has in the community. It’s pretty remarkable. He’s a guy who grew up in the greater L.A. area and it means something to him to do this and give back the way he does.”

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