Dodgers News: Adrian Gonzalez Shut Down, Will Miss 2017 Postseason
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers officially shut down veteran first baseman Adrian Gonzalez on Wednesday, electing to focus on the 2018 season. Manager Dave Roberts said he spoke with Gonzalez, who reported to the stadium with back tightness, and called the decision a “unified” one.

“As I talked to him and seeing how his back is and how it’s feeling, he’s very disappointed,” Roberts added. “But I think right now as it stands we’re going to shut him down so we don’t cause any more damage. Get him ready for next year. We expect him to respond to rest.”

Roberts did allow for the situation to possibly be revisited in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The news comes one day after Gonzalez made just his 15th start since coming off the 60-day disabled list in August.

He went 2-for-4 with a double and home run in the Dodgers’ rout of the San Diego Padres. “As he’s wanting to finish the year as best he can, on the heels of how well he played, to show up and be tight, I know he’s very disappointed,” Roberts said.

“It’s obviously been his most difficult year of his career. It’s been very emotional to fight through it and play through injury.”

Gonzalez has suffered from bulging discs for multiple years, but this season marked the first time he was forced to the disabled list. He has one year remaining on a seven-year, $145 million contract extension signed with the Boston Red Sox.

Gonzalez has already been usurped at first base by Cody Bellinger, which makes Gonzalez’s future with the Dodgers a bit cloudy. “I know he’s going to play next year,” Roberts said. “And expect to have an Adrian Gonzalez-type season.”

Gonzalez finishes the season batting .242/.287/.355 with 17 doubles, three home runs and 30 RBI. The slugging percentage is the lowest of Gonzalez’s career, and his doubles and home run totals are the fewest since debuting with the Texas Rangers in 2004.

While Gonzalez started Tuesday night, he’d recently been shifted to a role as a pinch-hitter in preparation for the postseason. He will not join the Dodgers on their trip this weekend to Colorado.